mercredi 27 février 2013

Grungy Magic Layout

Samedi 28 après-midi :

Page mixed-média

"Grungy Magic"
Mixedmedia Paper Layout Class (with gel texture, paper scraps, painting, spraying... and more!)
This paper layout class is based on mixedmedia and scrapbooking techniques such as using little scraps of paper for basic composition, wide range of mediums and texture tools as well as lots of embellishments to create one-of-a kind, personalized project.

The final project is texture heavy, lively and grungy in one: it is which is the essence of creative fun and freedom: you can put almost everything on your project and be happy with the effect you got – the imagination is the limit! During this class I will share my experience in building composition, background and adding final touches to the page, I will try to convince you that creating a grungy, eclectic layout is possible with all kinds of supplies – it's great moment to look again at your embellishments! I will try to inspire you to discover possibilities of using art supplies such as sprays, gels and paint giving your scrapbooking pages the uniqueness, personal touch and new look. I will show finished projects and share my experiences from the creative process and I will create with the students a full size layout including products from well known manufacturers. I will demonstrate possibilities of mixing different medias, using tools, scrapbooking supplies and flea market objects.

This class is is a perfect combination of fun, experiment and playing with composition, color and texture.

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