lundi 31 janvier 2022

All my heart- Mini panel for 49 and Market

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on 49 and Market blog with a small panel featuring the new ARToptions Avesta collection.

The base of my project is a cardboard card. I cut the first part to make a frame. But my first step was to prime it with white gesso. When dry, I add a design with a stencil and modeling paste. Next, I glued the frame I cut to the base. 

I colored the base with liquid acrylic paints with the same shade as the ARToptions Avesta collection. I used Nude, Coral, and Magenta.  I selected a few tags from the Tag set.

I added Rub-ons from the same collection on top of the tags to add more interest.  I selected some chipboards as well. 

I colored a few Rustic Blooms with I added to the composition with a few Laser-cut elements.

To finish, I used brown paint to add shadows. 

49 and Market products:

ARToptions Avesta
Laser Cut Elements

ARToptions Avesta
Chipboard Set

ARToptions Avesta
Tag Set

ARToptions Avesta
RB-34925 Rustic Blooms - White Heron
Rustic Blooms
White Heron

Other products:
  • Paper Doll - Idea-Ology;
  • Stencil - Finnabair Prima (Ghostwriter);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima ();
  • Art Alchemy Liquid Paints - Finnabair Prima (Nude, Magenta, Coral);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (White Heavy Gesso, Modeling Paste).

lundi 24 janvier 2022

Winter - Layout for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with a new layout. I wanted to work in the tones of the photo, that is to say in shades of gray. I just added some gold to add some interest.

As usual, I primed the background with clear gesso. Next, I added a design with a stencil and the Crushed Ice effect paste. When dry, I added some white liquid acrylic to mimic the snow. 

I decided to work mostly with waxes and metallic flakes to alter the chipboards. I used the gold metallic flakes to cover the berries from the Holiday Spray and the Christmas Berries #1. To alter the Small Snowflakes #1, I used silver metallic flakes.

I colored the leaves of the Holly #4 with Graphite and the berries with Vintage Gold waxes. For the Holiday Spray, I used the Charcoal one which is the darkest color. I painted the Mistletoe #2 berries with white paint and the leaves with Old Silver. 

I used different waxes to color the gnomes' clothes and the white Imposto for the beards. 

To finish the layout, I added some silver and gold glitters. 

Dusty Attic products:

Holiday Spray

Holly #4

Christmas Berries #1

Mistletoe #2

Gnome small

Snowflakes #1 small

Other products:
  • Paper - 49 and Market (Curators Botanical: Garden Clippings);
  • Stencil - Echo Park (Quilted Stich) ;
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Metallic Flakes: Sparkling; Glass Glitter: Sterling);
  • Art Alchemy Waxes - Finnabair Prima (Old White, Charcoal, Graphite, Old Silver, White Gold, Vintage Gold);
  • Art Alchemy Paints - Finnabair Prima (Impasto: Titanium White; Liquid Acrylic: Titanium White);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Crushed Ice Effect Paste, Gilding Glue);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Clear Gesso, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Gloss Gel).

mardi 18 janvier 2022

Vintage Beauty - MIxed media panel for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm on Dusty Attic blog with my first Dusty Attic project for 2022. I was inspired by the beautiful colors of our January color combo. 

Look at this beautiful mood board!

To begin, I primed the canvas board with white gesso. Then I added a design with a stencil and white crackle paste. 

While the paste was drying, I primed all the chipboards with white gesso. I glued all the chipboards with 3D Matte Gel along with flowers and Art Stones. I waited until everything was completely dry before the next step.

I mixed blue and green paints to get the right shade of Duck Blue. To obtain the right shade of brown, I mixed brown, black, and white liquid acrylic paints. I used both mixtures with the help of water to color the composition.

I added some White Pearl paint on the Feather Charms. It adds a metallic finish to them. When the color was to my liking, I used waxes to highlight certain details. To finish, I added glitters. 

Dusty Attic products:

Flower Buds #2

Foliage #8

Christmas Berries #1

Feather Charms #2

Feather Charms #1

Mini Morrocan Lamps

Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Bluejay Rustic Spray, Fluff Sugar Posies);
  • Stencil - A.B. Studio (Stencil ID-94);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Glitter Luminous set; Art Stones);
  • Art Alchemy Paints - Finnabair Prima (Liquid Acrylic: Prussian Blue, Emerald, Ink Black, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White; Metallique Paint: White Pearl); 
  • Art Alchemy Waxes - Finnabair Prima (White Goold, Vintage Gold); 
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (White Crackle Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (White Heavy Gesso, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Gloss Gel).

lundi 10 janvier 2022

Captured Memory - Mixed media panel for 49 and Market DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on 49 and Market blog with a new mixed media panel and the recorded video of the process. The last time I was in Paris, I bought some vintage postcards in Montmartre, this is one of them. 

I primed the canvas cardboard with white gesso before adding a design with a stencil and modeling paste. When dry, I painted the background with liquid acrylic paints until I have the correct color to match the color of the Garden Variety paper from the VA Everyday collection. 

I tore a few strips of paper from the Garden Variety paper to glue on the top and the bottom of the panel. 

I painted the Archival Board with the same color I finally used on the background. I waxed them as well to add some metallic accent with White Gold and Vintage Gold. I used the waxes also on the background to highlight the details of the design.  

I selected some tickets and doily from both the Everday and Wedgewood Ephemera Stacks to add between the paper strips along with the Archival board and some Bluejay flowers from the Rustic Bouquet set. 

I added glass glitter and glitter. And to finish, I added some random stamping with the Snapshot of Yesterday set.

I hope you will enjoy the video:

49 and Market products:
VAE-33164 Vintage Artistry Everyday - Garden Variety
Vintage Artistry Everyday
Garden Variety
VAE-33218Vintage Artistry Everyday Ephemera Stack
Vintage Artistry Everyday
Ephemera Stack
VAW-33126 Vintage Artistry Wedgewood Ephemera Stack
Vintage Artistry Wedgewood
Ephemera Stack
RB-34871 Rustic Bouquet - Bluejay
Rustic Bouquet

Archival Board
Captured Memory
Snapshot of Yesterday
Stamp Set
Other products:
  • Stencil - Finnabair Prima (Victorian Tiles);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Glass Glitter: Gold Rush);
  • Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic- Finnabair Prima (Titanium White, Ink Black, Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ochre);
  • Art Alchemy Waxes - Finnabair Prima (White Gold, Vintage Gold);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (White Heavy Gesso, Clear Gesso, Modeling Paste, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Gloss Gel).

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