vendredi 28 mai 2021

Found Objects - Mixed media panel

Hello Sweeties,

Today I have a new mixed media canvas to share with you inspired by the delicate mood board from Mixed Media Place.

I glued some papers on the canvas with the soft matte gel on which I added a design with a stencil and plaster paste. When dry, I added I added some Limestone paste and white crackle paste. 

I painted the resin elements with a mix of Impasto (Dusty Rose and Dark Chocolate). When dry, I used an antiquing paste to add a vintage look. 

I mixed different liquid acrylic paints to obtain the blue of the photo to paint the lower part of the canvas. For the upper part, I used the Jade and Snow White Impasto and Emerald liquid acrylic. When dry, I added the Ink Black to add some contrast and depth. 

I glued all the embellishments (resin elements, mechanical, metal embellishments) with 3D matte gel and added some natural elements like the branch or the dried hydrangeas. I added some Art Stones which I painted with the blue mix or the jade mix.

When everything was dry, I colored the metal embellishments with the Old Silver and Graphite waxes and added some highlights with the White Pearl wax. 

To finish I added some glitter. 

Mixed Media Place Mood Board : 

Matériels / Materials:
  • Stencil - A.B. Studio (Stencil ID-94);
  • Vintage Antiquing Paste - Stamperia;
  • Metal embellishments - Idea-ology (Pen Nibs, Observations);
  • Mechanical - Finnabair Prima (Scrapyard Dragonflies, Gear);
  • Mould - Prima (Marseille Hardware);
  • Mould  - Finnabair Prima (Grungy Frames, Anabelle);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Luminous Glitter set, Art Stones, Mini Art STones);
  • Impasto Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Snow White, Dark Chocolate, Jade, Dusty Rose);
  • Liquid Acrylic Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Violet, Ink Black, Titanium White);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (White Pearl, Old Silver, Graphite);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Paper Paste, White Crackle Paste, Stone Effect Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Clear Gesso, Soft Matte Gel, 3D Matte Gel).

lundi 24 mai 2021

Free Spirit - 49 and Market DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on 49 and Market blog with a new mixed media layout for which I have recorded the process.

I was inspired by our May sketch. If you haven't joined us yet, there is still time to have a chance to win one of the two prizes of 49 and Market products. All the details to play with us are there.

I primed the Essence paper from the VA Essentials collection with clear gesso.  While it was drying, I cut a wide strip of acetate that I colored with blue alcohol inks to remind the blue water of the photo.

Next, I painted some resin elements that I've previously primed with clear gesso or/and black gesso. I used liquid acrylic paints in blue, green, and brown to color the seaweeds. When dry, I used the Old White matte wax to matify them, then with White Gold. The fishes were primed with black gesso, I painted them nonetheless with Ultramarine liquid acrylic paint, then with White Gold and White Pearl waxes.

I added some rub-ons from the VA Shore collection at the bottom of the acetate strip and from the Anywhere collection at the top of the background.

I use some 3x4 File Frames to add under the photo. I cut two pieces of the Triton's Shell paper to complete the file frames.  I glued the resin elements under the acetate. Then I added some flowers from the Majestic Bouquet as well as some Foliage.

I added some glitter to imitate the sand and to finish, I added a few bubbles.

Here is the recorded video of the process. I hope you will enjoy it!

Matériels / Materials:

49 and Market products:

Vintage Artistry Essentials Essence Vintage Artistry Shore Triton's Shell Vintage Artistry Essentials 3x4 File Frame Set Vintage Artistry Essentials Foliage
Majestic Bouquet Midnight Vintage Artistry Shore Rub-Ons Vintage Artistry Anywhere Rub-Ons VAC-33454 Wishing Bubbles and Baubles - Sky Wishing Bubbles & Baubles Sky

vendredi 21 mai 2021

Light the Way - Mixed media canvas for Lindy's Gang DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Lindy's Gang blog with a new mixed media canvas call Light the Way, but I could have named it Mother Nature as well.  

I glued a piece of tissue paper to the lower half of the canvas with soft matte gel. After drying, I primed the whole canvas with clear gesso. I mixed Opal Sea Oats Magical with gold glitter and 3D gloss gel to obtain a Jewel paste. I used those paste to add a design to the upper half of the canvas. Finally, I add an uneven layer of clear crackle paste in the middle of the canvas.

I primed resin elements with black gesso and colored them with Bronze Age, Aged Brass, and White Gold waxes.

I glued all the elements of the composition with 3D Matte Gel. I started with the biggest elements like the branches, then the half frames, and the face. Next, I arranged the cogs and the flowers starting again with the biggest. 

When happy with the composition, I colored it Magicals mixed with Liquid Color Fluid Medium to make them permanent. I used Bayou Boogie Gold, Edelweiss Moss Green, Opal Sea Oats, (Sea Grass Green, and Hag's Wart Orange.

I added some natural moss which I colored with the Sea Grass Green Starburst spray. I embossed a few pebbles with the Chip Off the Old Black EP to add to the composition too. To finish it, I added glitter, sequins, and microbeads.

I've recorded the process of making this canvas. I hope you will enjoy it:

Lindy's Gang products:
Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Royal Spray: Sunshine);
  • Stencil - A.B. Studio (Stencil ID-67);
  • Tissue Paper - Finnabair Prima (Solar);
  • Moulds - Finnabair Prima (Queens of Steam, Machine Parts);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Bronze Age, Aged Brass, White Gold);
  •  Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Liquid Color Fluid Medium);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Microbeads: Copper; Glitter: Luminous Set; Metallic Flakes: Gold);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Clear Crackle Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Clear Gesso, Black Heavy Gesso, 3D Gloss Gel, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Matte Gel).

mardi 18 mai 2021

Altered brush for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with an altered paintbrush.

I primed the brush with black gesso after I have glued a piece of lace on the handle.

For once, I decided to start the composition from "bottom" to top and to paint the elements layer by layer with black gesso. The Dusty Attic chipboards are not too fragile, but you need to be careful nonetheless with elements like the Wildflower #3 or the Branches #4.

So, the second layer was the wings, the  Tropical Leaves #9, and the Layered Flourish. To know where I will place them, I checked with the biggest elements. In this case the ATC Frame #6.  Again, I primed all the chipboards with the black gesso. Next, I add the frame and the Fancy Accents #2. I finished the composition with the Tropical Leaves #9 and the flowers from the Boho Skull.

When everything was black, I colored all the elements with the Old Silver wax. I used the Electric Violet and Heather Hills waxes to color the flowers from the Wildflowers, the Old Denim for the Fancy Accents #2. For the wings, I used Violet liquid acrylic.

I covered the edges of the ATC frame with silver metallic flakes and the bird skull with gold metallic flakes. I painted the base of the frame and the inside of the eyes of the skull with the Sparkling Onyx Jewel paste. 

To finish the brush, I added a few flowers and glitters.


Dusty Attic products:

Wildflower #3

Tropical Foliage #9

Branch #4 small

ATC Frames #6

Fancy Accents #2

Layered Flourish

Boho Skull

Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Flowers Mini Serie 01 - Violet);
  • Mould - Finnabair Prima (Wings and Bones, Birds and Bats);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Metallic Flakes: Sparkling);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Electric Violet, Heather Hills, Old Denim, Old Silver, White Gold);
  • Liquid Acrylic Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Violet);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Sparkling Onyx Jewel Paste, Gilding Glue);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Black Gesso, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Gloss Gel).

mardi 4 mai 2021

Dream - Mixed media canvas for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with a new mixed media panel inspired by the amazing May color combo. Again, I used a photo from Christina Fischer.

Look at this amazing color combo!

I glued a piece of tissue paper on the canvas with soft matte gel. Next, I added a design with modeling paste and a stencil. When the paste was dry, I painted the canvas with a green Effect Paste and linen Impasto paint. I added some Bronze Age and White Gold waxes to  the 

I primed some resin elements with black gesso. Then, I highlighted them with the same paints I used to paint the canvas. I finished them with Bronze Age and White Gold waxes. I painted all the chipboards with a thin coat of linen Impasto before coloring then with liquid acrylic paints. For the Spring Blooms #1, I used Crimson, Nude, and Burnt Sienna paints. Then for the Spring Blooms #2 and the Feather Charm, I used Nude and Linen. For the Maiden. The Maiden Ferns were painted with Avocado. 

 I primed the Layered Swirl Frame with black gesso. Next, I waxed the base with Vintage Silk and I embossed the top part with Silence is Golden EP.

When all the elements were to my liking, I glued everything with a heavy body gel. I added a few flowers and some natural elements as well like feathers, branches, and poppy seed pods. I decided to add some Ice Crushed paste on the beads of the Feather Charms and to paint the paste with Avocado paint. 

 To finish the composition, I added glass glitter and glitter. 

Dusty Attic products:

Spring Blooms #1

Spring Blooms #2

Feather Charm #2

Feather Charm #3

Maiden Hair Fern

Wordpl@y #2

Layered Swirl Frame Set #2

Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Garden Seeds: Sand);
  • Embossing Powders - Lindy's Gang (Silence is Golden);
  • Mould  - Prima (Elysian Clockworks, Luxembourg Hardware);
  • Stencil - Finnabair Prima (Vintage Wallpaper);
  • Tissue Paper - Finnabair Prima (Science Lover);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Glass Glitter: Gold);
  • Liquid Acrylique Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Avocado, Nude, Crimson, Burnt Sienna);
  • Impasto Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Linen);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Vintage Silk, Bronze Aged, Rose Gold, White Gold);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Rust Effect Camouflage; Ice Crushed Effect Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Black Gesso, Modeling Paste, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Matte Gel).

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