samedi 24 septembre 2022

Halloween Shadow - ATC boxes for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with a set of Halloween ATC shadow boxes. 

I primed all the ATC Shadow Boxes with black gesso. Next, I added Graphite paste inside the boxes and clear crackle paste on the outside. When dry, I highlight the crackles with silver wax.
I painted the Web Corner #2, the Zombies Hands, the Mini Pumpkins, the Mini Headstones, the Mini Potion Bottles, and the Gothic Fretwork Small with Linen Impasto that I mixed with more or less black gesso. The spider, the bats, and the base of the Candlesticks were covered with black gesso. 

Cemetery: On the Small Crocked Fence #2, I used the Rust Effect Paste set. I add some green paste on the Mini Headstones to mimic the moss. I added some moss at the bottom of the Shadow Box, then the Headstones and the Zombies hand, and finally, the crocked Fence.

Pumpkins: I colored the Mini Pumpkins with orange and brown liquid acrylic. I covered the base of the Candlestick with Old Silver wax. I covered the spider with Glossy Accent and a touch of gold wax. I glued the candlesticks in the background, the pumpkins, and finally the web with the spider. 

Magic potions: I covered all the bottles with clear crackle pastes. When they were completely dry, I added some colors to the bottom of the potion bottles. I glued them inside the shadow box and added some lichen. To finish, I add the Gothic Fretwork and bats that I covered with 

To finish all the shadow boxes, I added black glitter.

Dusty Attic products:

 Web Corners #2

 Candlestick Small

 Mini Pumpkins

 Gothic Fretwork small

 Mini Potions Bottles

Bats #2

 Mini Headstones

 Small Crocked Fence #2

 Zombie Hands Small

 ATC Shadow Box Mini

Other products:
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Ebony & Ivory Glitter set);
  • Art Alchemy Paints - Finnabair Prima (Impasto: Linen; Liquid Acrylic: Avocado, Tiger Orange, Burnt Sienna, Ink Black, Prussian Blue, Umber);
  • Art Alchemy Waxes - Finnabair Prima (Old Silver, Graphite);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Graphite Paste, Clear Crackle Paste, Rust effect Pastes Set);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Black Heavy Gesso, 3D Matte Gel).

dimanche 18 septembre 2022

Keep Smiling ... - Mixed media panel for Dusty Attic DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Dusty Attic blog with a new mixed media canvas. 

To begin, I covered the canvas with Paper paste. Then I used liquid acrylic paints to color the paste: I added several layers of paints and I dried in between each layers to obtain the effect of an old wall. 

I primed all the chipboards with white gesso. I used a foam to do it to be able to add a thin layer. 

I colored the Lemon Leaves with Advocado and Umber liquid acrylics. I have selected different elements from Foliage Cluster #1, #2 & #3 and from the Botanic Mix #1 & 3. I used the same colors for the leaves of all these elements. I added Tiger Eye's Stone Jewel paste to the flowers of the different elements. 

I colored the flowers with an light orange ink and change the center.

I covered the frame with metallic flakes, then with clear crackle paste. And to finish, I added sepia wax to highlight the cracks. 

To finish, I added some Golden Dragon paste and glitter. 

Dusty Attic products:

 Foliage Cluster #1

 Foliage Cluster #2

 Foliage Cluster #3

Vintage Frame

 Botanic Mix #1

 Botanic Mix  #3

 Lemon Leaves & Blossoms

Other products:
  • Flowers - 49 and Market (Royal Spray: Sunshine);
  • Spray ink - Lind'ys Gang (Sparkling Sunset)
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Sparkling Metallic Flakes);
  • Art Alchemy Liquid Acrylic Paints - Finnabair Prima (Advocado, Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ochre, Ink Black);
  • Art Alchemy Waxes - Finnabair Prima (Vintage Gold, Ages Brass);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Tiger Eye's Stone Jewel Paste, Golden Dragon Unicorn Paste, Paper Paste, Clear Crackle Paste, Gilding Glue);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (3D Matte Gel, Soft Gloss gel).

samedi 10 septembre 2022

Shh! She's fixing the world - Mixed media panel for 49 and Market DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on 49 and Market blog with a new mixed media panel.

I colored the background of the canvas board with blue and brown inks; When done, I added some rub-ons from the 6x8 Vintage Artistry Serenity set. Next, I added a design with a stencil and a paper paste lightly colored with brown ink. Finally, I tore two papers,  the Fluttering Trio and the Solid Paper 2 from the VA Serenity collection,  in strips that I glued on both sides.

I selected a few elements from the Laser Cut Outs, the Ephemera Bits, and Chipboards Bits to add under the photo. 

I cut one of the label holders in two: one part to highlight the word "LOVE" from the stamp, and the other one to highlight the first part of the title "Shh!". I used a second label holder for the rest of the title "She's fixing the world". 

I have die-cut some leaves in a watercolor paper that I colored with the same brown ink. I colored the Rustic Blooms with the blue ink.  

On the right side of the canvas, I added a label on which I added another title from the 12x12  Sentiments Rub-ons: "Hope for tomorrow". I think that we need some with all that is happening. When everything was to my liking, I added some glitter. 

49 and Market products:

Vintage Artistry Serenity
12x12 Collection Pack

Vintage Artistry Serenity
 Fluttering Trio

Vintage Artistry Serenity
Solids 12x12 Collection

Vintage Artistry Serenity
Solids Paper 2

Vintage Artistry Serenity
Laser Cut Outs

Vintage Artistry Serenity
Ephemera Bits

Vintage Artistry Serenity
Chipboard Bits

Vintage Artistry Serenity
6x8 Rub-Ons

Vintage Artistry Serenity
12x12 Sentiments Rub-Ons

RB-34888 Rustic Bouquet - White Heron

Rustic Bouquet
White Heron

Other products:
  • Spray inks - Lindy's Gang (Whale Watch Blue, Long John's Silver);
  • Stencil - Finnabair Prima (Documented);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Luminous Glitter Set);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Paper Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (White Heavy Gesso, 3D Matte Gel, Soft Gliss Gel).

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