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How to Pick Vintage Colors for Layouts - Lindy's Gang DT

Hello Sweeties

Today I'm up on Lindy's Gang blog to give you some tips on how to pick colors when working on a vintage project. It's well known that I like to create vintage layouts as I have the chance to use some of my beautiful family photos.

Le Bois au Cerf by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Silhouette Silver, Steel Shimmer, Fuzzy Navel Peach, I'm Late I'm Late I'm Late, Tainted Love Teal, Cowabunga Copper, Desert Moon Copper Teal EP, Twilight Blue Slate EP.

Well, I will say that the first color you should consider is BROWN. The easiest to have a nice vintage brown is tea or coffee. But sometimes you want to add more than just brown, and it is where you will definitely need the Moon Shadow Mist, they all have this beautiful brown undertone with shiny and colorful mica.

Mom's Cat by Pascale B.

Mom's Cat by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Incandescent Copper, Sassy Sapphire, C'est la vie Cerise, Red Hot Poker Orange, Medieval Gold, My Mojito Green, Silver Moon Mistletoe EP, Desert Moon Copper Teal EP

Of course, even if your photo is black and white or sepia, you can add all the colors you want. I prefer to use cold colors for men's layouts such as blue, green or teal,...

1956 by Pascale B.

Lindy's Gang products: Long John's Silver, Steampunk Sepia, Whale Watch Blue, Sea Grass Green, Afternoon Delight Denim, Black Forest Black, Starbright Gold Green EP, Olive Orbit Green Gold EP.

... and warm colors for women's layouts like pink, orange or yellow. The secret is to keep the colors soft. It is not just because you add brown that your layout will have a vintage look, all your colors need to be faded to make this work.

Explore by Pascale B.

Explore by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Bratwurst Brown, Cowabunga Copper, Incandescent Copper, Wild Honeysuckle Coral, Cocklebells Coral, Sea Grass Green.

But what if it's a couple or a group? Should I use cold or warm colors? Well, then I will let the paper colors guide me. If the paper color is neutral, I will look at the general atmosphere of the photo to help make a decision.

Scouts 49 by Pascale B.

Scouts 49 by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Incandescent Copper, Time Travel Teal, My Mojito Green, C'est la vie Cerise EP, Silver Moon Mistletoe EP.

Sometimes you might decide that you will stick to different shades of brown and just add some white.

Enjoy the journey by Pascale B.
I used mostly coffee, white crackle paste and a touch of Whale Watch Blue.

In my Garden by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Smoky Sapphire, Whale Watch Blue, Blazing Sun

Sometimes you had the chance to have known the person enough to know her/his favorite color!

And sometimes, you just need to follow your instincts...

Mom and Dad by Pascale B.

Mom and Dad by Pascale B.
Lindy's Gang products: Smoky Sapphire, Sassy Sapphire, Tainted Love Teal, Whale Watch Blue, Open Arms Amethyst, My Mojito Green

I hope you have enjoyed hearing all my secrets for creating beautiful vintage themed layouts and how to pick the perfect colors to match!

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