mardi 20 juillet 2021

Be Strong - Mixed media panel for Lindy's Gang DT

Hello Sweeties,

Today I'm up on Lindy's Gang blog with a new mixed media panel. 

Basic process:
  1. Glue a piece of tissue paper on the canvas;
  2. Prime the tissue paper with clear gesso;
  3. Prepare a paste with 3D Gloss Gel, Black Hole Black Magical, and Silver glitter;
  4. Use the homemade paste and Blue Opals Jewel paste to add a design to the background;
  5. Mix some Snazzy Sparkle, Milky Way White, and Stormy Sky with liquid acrylic fluid;
  6. Color the panel with these homemade paints and Whale Watch Blue Starburst;
  7. Add Black Hole Black Magical to darken the edge and use a baby wipe to blend the edge;
  8. I mix some Tears on My Pillow Tangerine and Queen of Heart Magicals with Liquid Acrylic Fluid to add red splatters;
  9. Use the red paint you just made to color the flowers;
  10. And Stormy Sky to color the leaves;
  11. Mix a tiny amount of Stormy Sky with white Impasto to color the frame;
  12. Add some Charcoal Black wax on top of the branches and White Pearl wax to highlight the details;
  13. Highlight the details of the frame with Old White wax;
  14. Color the skull with Stormy Sky, then with Charcoal Black and White Pearl waxes;
  15. Time to start to build the composition and glue everything with heavy body gel;
  16. Mattify the metal elements with Charcoal Black wax;
  17. Add some Glass Glitters, Glitters, and Microbeads;
  18. To finish, add red splatters of the red paint and cover it with a red embossing powder and heat emboss.

I hope you will enjoy the video:

Matériels / Materials:

Lindy's Gang products:
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Other products:
  • Stencil - A.B. Studio (Stencil ID-28);
  • Mould - Prima (Aviary);
  • Mould - Finnabair Prima (Grungy Frames, Wings and Bones);
  • Art Ingredients - Finnabair Prima (Glitter Luminous Set, Glass Glitter: Sterling);
  • Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Liquid Color Acrylic Fluid);
  • Impasto Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Snow White);
  • Waxes Art Alchemy - Finnabair Prima (Charcoal Black, Old White, White Pearl);
  • Art Extravagance - Finnabair Prima (Blue Opals Jewel Paste);
  • Art Basics - Finnabair Prima (Clear Gesso, Soft Gloss Gel, Heavy Body Gel).

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